Why do people say that Dragon Ball Z is the best manga in the world?

Commonly called otaku, manga fans are in a relentless war regarding the ranking of the best manga productions that exist. Each one defends his favourite anime by putting forward some reasons not at all mediocre. But the fact is: Dragon Ball Z remains the best manga. Discover in this article some reasons that justify this argument ?

It reminds us of our childhood and has marked generations

Dragon Ball was written in the 90s. It is a cartoon that has lulled the childhood of many children around the world. It is one of the first manga to have been a huge success. Also, the story that the manga tells is seen and loved by many children. You can find them on SuperSaiyan-Shop.com. In addition to being a work of cinematic entertainment, Dragon Ball Z is also an educational source for children. It remains the legendary manga of our lives. The author of this manga has created a universe of familiarity between children and the actor. His prop and get-up became a style that many children adopted. After 30 years, Dragon Ball has remained the most followed manga. It has crossed generations. It has never failed a generation. In fact, some rank it as the father of all manga in the world.

Dragon Ball Z is a reference source

Apart from its anime side, this manga is a reference for children. The story that Dragon Ball Z tells proves the courage and determination of the lead actor. Children are therefore inspired by their favourite manga to develop in real life. Dragon Ball Z is the best manga in the world because it teaches children important qualities such as honour and hard work. Finally, it is clear that Dragon Ball Z is the best manga that can exist. It educates and it has marked many generations. It is a reference in the cinematographic world.