WhatsApp to stop services for users who ignore new policies

Social network platform has insisted that it will withdraw its services from users who don't agree with its privacy policies. The firm also confirmed that all inactive accounts within three months will be removed 

WhatsApp threatens to ban users who don't agree with new policies 

WhatsApp has said those who don't agree with its new privacy settings will be suspended from using the platform services. Also, those who fail to use their accounts in 100 days will be deemed inactive and deleted. Although it has confirmed that calls and notifications may be active for some weeks before everything stops working. 

In January, WhatsApp said its new update is available and compulsory for all users to continue using their services. However, there was a public outcry by people who feel that this tech firm wants to remove privacy and sell data to marketers. But the firm clarified that this was false and the update was to make payments easier for businesses. 

WhatsApp faces huge competitions from other networks but insists the policy is necessary 

WhatsApp already collected information like IP amongst others, it could also trace transactions done with its platform effortlessly. They are battling with other networks like Signal and Telegram and have lost thousands to both networks. 

The problem with WhatsApp's new policy stems from several users complaining that their information in the public domain does not make them safe, and they feel this new policy is helping matters. Also, tech experts have insisted that the end-to-end encryption technology of Facebook should be enough. WhatsApp has hit back saying it could have gone ahead with the program without informing its users, but they must know what they are getting into. 

It also lambasted most new media and bloggers for sharing false information about its policy. It has said it will do more to convince users to agree to the terms as their security remains intact.

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