What you need to know before buying a handpan

You want to buy a handpan but you don't know how to make the right choice. Read this article and find out everything you need to know before buying a handpan.

The cost of a handpan

Handpans, also known as Hang Drums, vary in price depending on the quality you want and where you buy them. Getting an instrument similar to the original at a good price can cost around 1200 euros. On the other hand, you may find cheaper choices starting at 250 euros.

Originally, the handpan is an expensive tool, which is no longer manufactured today. You will have at your disposal new specimens derived from the original which is also expensive. Nevertheless, it is possible to find handpan for salethat are much less expensive, but just as nice.

Get an original Hang

It is impossible to buy an original Hang Drums, because the company manufacturing PANart has stopped manufacturing, to focus on the new possibilities of this type of tool. Since the years 2014, the makers of the first Hang built new identical instrument, but with new parameters, different notes, but still magical and pleasant to listen. So, to get an original one, you must resort to a second-hand one.

Because of its advantages and attribution, the value of a genuine used Hang Drumes can be worth two or three times its original price. So don't expect to get it at a flat rate.

A cheap handpan

Buy a cheap handpan and forgo the original brand. Although it is the original handpan does not mean that it is the best. There are several metal manufacturers based on the hang, with magnificent sound quality. These manufacturers have copied the system and make the handpan very well and at a decent price. The price range goes from 65 euros for the Mini handpan and 100 euros for the Hand drums which corresponds to the original.