What does the Quran say about love?

Love is a source of joy, sharing and especially well-being. Everyone describes it in different ways. But you are wondering what the holy scriptures like the Qur'an have to say about love. Discover through this article, what the Koran says about love.

The unchanging love of Allah

Love is the first feeling that Allah has for his children. So with the official statement of the Quran, you can see that Allah himself is love. The Qur'an explains through these texts that Allah's love remains and remains unchanging. Also, remember that Allah loves the good people. He loves those who respect and purify themselves. With the greatness of his love, Allah does not expect anything from anyone, because he is the owner of everything.
Through the writings of the Qur'an, you will see that Allah blesses people without them asking. This is due to His eternal love. The Qur'an remains a holy book because its teachings are rich.

The love of believing humans

Allah would like believers to follow Him. Let them walk on the right path and be humble. With all these things, you cannot but feel love towards Allah. You will see the illustration of this invitation in Surah 5 verse 54. 
You may feel afraid when you move away from the love of Allah. Don't worry, because it says in the Qur'an that Allah's love is unfailing. Allah is merciful, so His love for you will not go hungry.
It is essential that you as a believer also cultivate love around you. The Qur'an also teaches how to love your loved ones without any counterpart. Some gestures like "giving without expecting anything in return" is a sign of love. The Qur'an asks that love be developed on a daily basis. So remember that it is the attraction to the things of this world that takes you away from Allah.