What are the technical criteria to check when choosing a web host ?

When you have a business to grow, it is essential to touch as large an audience as possible. In today's era, the solution is to have a website. However, it is necessary to consider a certain number of criteria before hosting this website online to be safe from bad surprises.Here are our recommendations to choose your web host. 

Security and Backups and Scalable Storage Packages 

You can visit Koddos protection to have a wide range of choices. It is fundamental to ensure that your web host does everything possible to guarantee the security of the data stored. In the event of a breakdown, fire, storm or hacking, your site could be compromised. 

Your web host must have both preventive and curative measures in place to protect your data. Once you have determined your site's storage needs, you should plan for a margin of progression. Indeed, the contents will add up and your site will undoubtedly grow. So make sure that you’re hosting company offers different progressive packages. 

The Availability of the Servers 

This criterion corresponds to a percentage which, in the commercial offers of the hostess, is often between 99 and 100%, meaning that your site will be available all time. If it is unavailable 1% of the time, it means schematically that your site will be inaccessible more than 7 minutes per day. 

So make sure that this rate is as high as possible, especially if you have an e-commerce site. Indeed, the abandonment rate is very high if the site is unavailable. Make sure you don't lose any visitors. 

The Speed of Connection and Location of the Web Hosting 

The time when web pages took several tens of seconds to be displayed is over... thanks to a good connection speed. The web host must guarantee the best performance in this area to improve the visitor experience, keep his audience but also satisfy the algorithm of search engines for which the connection speed is an important parameter in the referencing. 

For SEO reasons, it is important to select a web host with physical servers in the country where you target your audience. Indeed, Google’s algorithms take this criterion as an SEO parameter. To have a good host, check the security of the server and its availability.