Top 3 tips to create your own chatbot without coding

Today, many social networks use automated methods to interact with their users and meet all their needs. Among these methods, chatbots are the most efficient. They are programmable conversation tools that optimise customer relations. Although most of them require coding for their creation, it is possible to create a chatbot without coding. Here's how!

Defining your chatbot's goals

You need to define the goals of your chatbot when creating your chatbot. For your different products or services, conduct a personal survey to find out which ones are best-selling on the market and what questions are frequently asked about them. This will provide you with accurate data on potential requests. The mission of the messenger robot is to be able to adapt to the customers, so all their habits must be taken into account. You will discover here all the secrets of creating a chatbot without coding.

Chatbot: Make a selection of questions to answer and submit

To create a chatbot, you should not exceed the limit of four questions. This helps to keep customers interested. A question can be like one or more customised requests depending on the customer's habits. This means that the customer's browsing data will be recorded and on this basis the messenger robot will make suggestions to meet the customer's needs. For example, for a user of a social network whose activity is the sale of mobile phones, the bot will only propose offers related to his field of activity. This approach saves time.

Modelling chatbot conversations

You need to develop an efficient and adapted scenario so that the exchanges are fluid; the customer will simply have to provide an answer to the questions asked. To have a conclusive result from the discussions, the requests or questions must include at least elements such as: - The customer's request number; - The possibility to request cancellation; - The intentions of the messenger robot, this will convince the customer of the help you are offering. Conversation modelling is also about preparing the bot for any eventuality so that it does not become ineffective in the long run. Systems like Botnation or Dialogflow will help you with this. Training the bot means allowing it to focus on a single project so that it does not lose sight of the objective.