The great entrepreneur Adrian Cheng speaks about the projects he plans to undertake

Through far-reaching initiatives, the CEO of New World Development is redefining hospitality and lifestyle. His current goal as CEO of New World Development is to "build a new class of unique cultural spaces and experiences that appeal to the next generation." In addition, he founded K11 in 2008, a company that combines art and commerce and has spawned art centers across China. "Traditional art viewing or retail experiences are no longer satisfactory," he explains. One of his plans is to provide a place where customers can access multiple levels of culture simultaneously. Here, Cheng explains how his ambitious plans, which redefine hospitality and life, are helping him build his own legacy.

Victoria Dockside Redevelopment Project

On the former site of the New World Center stands the Victoria Dockside. Adrian Cheng says he planned to revitalize the area for the current era while preserving the unique character of the site. "The Silicon Valley of Culture, which we created over a ten-year period in collaboration with 100 creative forces, brings the next wave of immersive and engaging lifestyle experiences to the city," he said. It not only showcases the most cutting-edge and outstanding examples of architecture, art, design, retail and hospitality, but also shifts the center of gravity of Hong Kong.

The involvement of creative partners for K11

An ambitious strategy was put in place for K11 Musea in particular, which is located at Victoria Dockside. They did not hesitate to bring in a broad coalition of leading designers, architects and artists from around the world, each tasked with managing an aspect of the destination. The company also hired the architectural firm Kohn Pedersen Fox (KPF) to ensure that the idea was realized in every respect. On a larger scale, their wish would be to work with people who share the same vision of fostering culture and creativity. Not to mention promoting social innovation and the development of a sustainable lifestyle that meets the needs of the next generation.