How to find the owner of a collarless pet?

Sometimes we see an animal wandering in the streets. The first attitude is to bring it back to its owner. But when there is no sign of the animal being attached to someone, embarrassment quickly takes over. Here are some ways to deal with the problem.

Have the right reflexes

If you find an animal and you think it might be lost, it is important that you follow an identification process. This is to verify if it is really expected somewhere. Usually, the source of answers to your questions is either a collar that identifies the animal or a microchip that is prominently placed.

However, after your careful examination, you find nothing to identify the animal you have found, don't panic. You should now take it as quickly as possible to a veterinarian or a veterinary clinic near your location. 

Indeed, the latter, thanks to the animal identification file, is able to find the trace of an owner (if there is one). And apart from the alerted professional, you must also communicate the report of the animal by certain channels. This is done to allow the grieving family to find their companion without delay.

Some ways to spread the word about your find

If social networks can be very effective in the process of finding a lost pet, they are nevertheless not a priority in this case. Thus, after having found the animal and having taken it to a veterinarian, you will then : - contact the pound : since you are not yet sure of the potential owner, it is important that you notify the professionals in charge of animal protection, 

- use social networks, 

- distribute found animal posters : these posters should be posted in the area where you found the animal.