El-Chapo's wife detained in American drug trafficking offense

The wife of jailed El-Chapo has been taken into custody on suspicion of drug-related crimes. She is expected to face a virtual trial later in the year. 

El-Chapo's wife detained in Washington 

Emma Coronel Aispuro has been arrested in the United States for allegedly involving in massive drug trafficking. Emma, 32 was arrested at Washington DC Airport by customer officials who whisk her away quietly. She has been charged with collaborating with drug lords, conspiracy to distribute heroin and methamphetamine, and heroin. Her husband, Guzman is presently serving a life sentence in America for various charges of drug trafficking and financial crimes. 

The 64- year old was a Don of the Sinaloa Cartel which they say was the largest distributor of cocaine in the United States. The trial id Guzman revealed information about how drugs were moved from various destinations into the US, it also exposes crime like raping and various degrees of murders. 

Emma has also been charged for trying to release her husband in jail

Mrs. Coronel will appear before a US court virtually according to a statement by the Justice Department. Besides facing drug-related charges, Emma will also be charged for trying to free her husband in prison in 2015. El-Chapo has broken thrice in Mexico prisons with his sons and wife heavily involved. 

Some documents show that Emma Aispuro was also planning to free El-Chapo before he was finally sent to the US in 2018. Though she has refused to make a public comment since her arrest, she has employed some top US legal counsel to help her case. She is seen in the cartel as very close to the boss and a loyal member. 

Emma has escaped several prosecutions before, but this seems though. She has two options, enter a plea bargain and get a reduced sentence or go to trial and face the full wrath of the law.