Dragon Champions: Tips and Tricks for Rapid Progress

Dragon Champions is the latest RPG from Quantum App, which follows in the footsteps of Raid. This game also features great graphics and smoothness unprecedented for a mobile game. Even if you know the gag by heart, there are some challenges in Dragon Champions that deserve a little guidance.  In this article, we've provided a few tips and tricks to help you get through Dragon Champions quickly.

Completing Daily Quests and Goals

Dragon Champions is not based on the traditional challenge system. For more information, see promo code alucare. Instead, you need to collect Hero Shards to summon new characters in exchange for a certain amount of gold. 

This currency is relatively easy to obtain in-game, but Hero Shards are much less common. In Dragon Champions, you can get them in a variety of ways, such as by replaying areas, completing timed events, and progressing through the story mode. By completing daily quests and gaining achievements, you can quickly unlock two very powerful heroes at the beginning of the game: the two clan leaders, Korhrim and Tromgar.

Make the most of your energy.

The key to fast progress in Dragon Champions is to use as much energy as possible. For all energy-consuming actions, you'll receive experience that will increase your account balance. You'll also unlock new game modes, such as Tower and Arena, which in turn earn you new rewards as you level up your account. 

If you don't know what to do in the game, you can try completing the story mode or use tickets to earn levels. The latter option consumes a lot of energy and allows you to improve your balance very quickly. If you run out of tickets, you can use BlueStacks to create macros that automate levels. If possible, choose macros that offer rewards for knocking down two rabbits at a time.

Using Notes in Challenging Missions

You'll probably notice that some missions in the campaign have different icons than others. This means that these missions are marked as "challenging". You can only play them five times a day, but in return you get better rewards than in the regular stages. For these missions, it's worth using your precious banknotes. This not only eliminates the possibility of failing on one note, but also allows you to complete the stage instantly. Of course, you also get experience, which increases your account balance.